The Andrews Government is standing up for patients in the North who are being hit hard by Canberra’s cuts to Victoria’s hospitals.

Canberra has clawed back $305 million from Victoria’s hospitals – cuts that are hurting patients, nurses and doctors across the state.

Locally, Canberra’s $13,120,363 cut to Northern Health will hit locals hard. It’s the equivalent of 25,511 dialysis sessions, 11,815 chemotherapy treatments or 794 hip replacements.

That’s why the Andrews Government has launched a new campaign for a fair share of funding from the Commonwealth – no matter who wins next month’s Federal Election.

The Our Fair Share campaign is running across TV, radio, print and online.

Canberra is also proposing a dud national funding deal that would see public schools get less funding than private schools, with government schools short-changed $500 million in funding every single year.

That’s the equivalent of 1,250 full-time teachers that can’t be funded simply because Canberra want to boost the bottom line.

The Andrews Government has invested more in Victoria’s schools and hospitals than any government in Victoria’s history – to ensure every child has the best education and every Victorian has access to world-class healthcare.

As the Federal Election gets closer, now is the time for Victoria to fight for its fair share.

Quotes attributable to Bronwyn Halfpenny MP  

“We are fighting for residents in the North to get their fair share of commonwealth funding for our hospital and schools”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos:

“We’re the fastest growing state in the country – our hospitals can’t survive more cuts from Canberra.”

“We’re giving our nurses and doctors what they need to provide the very best care for all Victorians. Imagine how much more we could do if we got a fair deal from Canberra.”

Quotes attributable to Danielle Green MP  

“It’s the Andrews Labor Government who plans and builds new hospitals like the Community Hospital proposed for Whittlesea. Sadly Canberra undermines this effort by their cuts – local patients, nurses and doctors deserve better.”

Quotes attributable to Lily D’Ambrosio MP  

“We’re fighting to make sure Northern Health receives its fair share of Commonwealth Funds for patients and kids in the North.”