Northern patients are missing out under the Federal Liberal Government’s health cuts.

Northern Health stands to lose over $4 million dollars in next year’s funding because the Federal Liberal Government is refusing to pay more than $100 million it owes to Victorians.

Despite conceding late last year that Victoria was owed the money, Malcolm Turnbull has failed to reimburse the Victorian Government for treating tens of thousands of extra patients, putting the future funding of our local hospital at risk.

Member for Thomastown Bronwyn Halfpenny said the $4.193 million dollars owed was the equivalent of 26 more nurses for the Northern Hospital.

These cuts are creating uncertainty for hospitals trying to plan for future patient demand, and the Andrews Labor Government has had to step in and top up funding while waiting for reimbursement.

But even though the National Health Funding Pool Administrator – an independent expert – has provided advice that Victoria is owed this money, Malcolm Turnbull has refused to pay up, putting at risk the treatment of thousands of extra Victorian patients.

The $104 million owed to Victoria is equivalent to:

  • 100,222 more chemotherapy procedures for Victoria’s cancer patients
  • 212,964 extra dialysis sessions for sick patients
  • More than 650 extra nurses
  • 54,104 colonoscopies.

This delay comes after ongoing attempts by Malcolm Turnbull to claw back health funding from the pockets of Victorians, and is in addition to over $1.5 billion in cuts to our hospitals in the Federal Budget’s forward estimates.

This is yet another example of the Prime Minister for Sydney – Malcolm Turnbull – again dudding Victorians.

Despite being home to more than 25 per cent of the nation’s population, Victoria continues to receive just 10 per cent of federal infrastructure funding. In contrast, Malcolm Turnbull’s home state of New South Wales receives a whopping 45 per cent. Victorians deserve better than that.

Quotes attributable to Member for Thomastown Bronwyn Halfpenny

“I am devastated that the Federal Liberal Government will be cutting millions of dollars from the Northern Hospital. This is at a time when our hospital needs more resources to support our rapidly growing population.”

“What has Malcolm Turnbull got against residents in Melbourne’s north? He had to be dragged kicking and screaming to give federal approval to the O’Herns Road project. I can’t think of any other announcements he has made to spend any other dollars here, and now he is cutting money to our hospital.”

“This callous action undermines the hundreds of millions of dollars the state Labor government has committed to building new wards and theatres at the hospital. Thanks to Malcolm Turnbull we can expect even longer waits in emergency, sitting on waiting lists and cuts to vital patient services.”