The Andrews Government’s record community safety investment continues at full speed, with another 80 police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs) graduating on 1 September 2017.

The Police Academy is operating at full capacity – and this will continue for the next few years –  as record numbers of new recruits are being trained, due to record funding from the Andrews Government to get more police out on the beat.

The latest graduates reflect the diversity of the Victorian community with 11 born overseas, including China, Russia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, the UK, England, France, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

The Government is delivering on its commitment to train and deploy 3135 new police officers over five years.

A total of 2,729 new recruits were funded as part of the Government’s record $2 billion investment in Victoria Police, while 406 new police were included in the Victorian Budget 2016/17.

The first 300 of the new police officers are now rolling out to Victoria’s booming growth areas.

Please find the full media release here.