From next month, local communities will begin to see the first 300 frontline police officers on their streets. These are the first of the 3,135 police the Andrews Government is delivering over five years to make communities safer and drive down crime.

Today, myself, Danielle Green MP and Lily D’Ambrosio MP welcomed the Andrews Government announcement that the Whittlesea area will be receiving an allocation of Victoria’s 300 new frontline police funded in the 2016-17 Victorian Budget.

45 new police officers will be deployed to the Whittlesea area, which will ensure required staffing for the new Mernda Police Station planned to open later in 2017. The extra frontline police will be assigned to areas such as South Morang, Epping, Thomastown and the Whittlesea township.

The new police officers, which are on top of regular attrition recruiting, will give a stronger and more visible police presence on the street, staff more proactive patrols, and deliver more resources to stop crime from happening in the first place. These additional police officers also builds on the 106 new police already allocated to deal with gang related crime and public order issues, as well as increasing special response and monitoring capability.

Since coming into government, more than 700 full time police positions have been allocated across the force. The allocation of frontline police officers through the new Staff Allocation Model takes the politics out of the distribution of police resources, with Victoria Police identifying the areas that have the greatest need.

Another 2,729 new police will be recruited and trained over the next four years as part of the government’s Community Safety Statement, released in December 2016.