Whittlesea Tech School is taking shape, with designs for the ground-breaking facility unveiled today. I can announce today that Melbourne Polytechnic’s Epping campus will host the high-tech learning centre in a brand new building. The Whittlesea Tech School will be a shared learning hub where students from 13 partner government and non-government schools across the Whittlesea areas will be able to participate in learning programs free of charge.

It will help these students learn the skills needed for the 21st century STEM skills; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students will work on real-life problems that are provided by industry and need to be solved using the latest technology.

Construction works are due to commence late 2017. The Whittlesea Tech School will have an education focus aligned to industries that are predicted to experience strong economic and employment growth in the area: advanced manufacturing, scientific and technical services, healthcare and social assistance, entrepreneurial skills, and food and fibre.

It is part of the Andrews Government’s plan to boost performance in STEM subjects, including a 25 per cent increase in the number of Year nine students reaching the highest level of achievement in maths and 33 per cent more 15-year-olds reaching the highest levels in science.

For more information on Tech Schools, visit www.techschools.education.vic.gov.au.