Ms HALFPENNY (Thomastown) — (Question Number 12 654 on 11/5/17) Ms Halfpenny to ask the Minister for Planning –

My question is to the Minister for Planning. Can he provide information about why council is taking so long to complete Edgars Road? Can the minister please advise how the developer contributions can enable the completion of this important program?

ANSWER (6/6/17) – Minister for Planning

Development contributions are payments or in-kind works, facilities or services provided by developers towards the supply of infrastructure required to meet the future needs of the community. These contributions enable the council and state government to extend and duplicate roads, such as Edgars Road, as planned needs arise.

The extension of Edgars Road from Cooper Street through to Craigieburn Road will be funded from development contributions that are associated with the Aurora Development Plan, and the Epping North and Harvest Home Local Structure Plans. The land for the planned road extension is affected by the Development Contributions Plan Overlay.

Places Victoria will deliver the section of Edgars Road between O’Herns Road and Rockfield Street as part of an agreement with Whittlesea City Council that was established through planning approval processes. The state government has funded the duplication of O’Herns Road which will include the construction of the intersection with Edgars Road.

The land and first carriageway between O’Herns Road and Cooper Street is being funded by Whittlesea City Council, including developer contributions, as part of the funding agreement for the O’Herns Road duplication.

The Victorian Planning Authority is currently negotiating with VicRoads, the council and Places Victoria to ensure these works are undertaken concurrently in 2018.

HON RICHARD WYNNE MP Minister for Planning