Ms HALFPENNY (Thomastown) — (Question Number 12 529 on 2/5/17) Ms Halfpenny to ask the Minister for Education –

My question is to the Minister for Education. A number of parents with children living with type 1 diabetes are very frustrated and upset that their children are struggling to fully participate in school activities. These parents have experienced a lack of care in some schools. Could the minister please provide information about how these concerns are being addressed?

ANSWER (5/6/17) – Minister for Education

I am informed as follows:

The Department of Education and Training’s policy on managing Diabetes Mellitus in schools was updated in 2016. It states that Victorian Government schools have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments for students with diabetes to enable them to participate in their education on the same basis as their peers. This policy specifies a number of measures schools should take to achieve this, including developing individual student support plans, undertaking staff training and implementing strategies to enable participation in physical activity and school activities such as excursion and camps.

In 2016 the Department funded Diabetes Victoria $100,000 to create the ‘Mastering Diabetes’ resources for Victorian preschools, schools and families.

The Department is now working to better understand student’s, family’s and school’s experience of managing Diabetes, which will inform further action to improve Diabetes management in schools. In parallel, the Department has commenced work on the development of new practical guidelines to further support schools to implement the Department’s Diabetes Mellitus policy.

THE HON JAMES MERLINO MP Minister for Education