[Media Release] Nation-Leading GenV Medical Study Takes Next Steps

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13 November 2023

The next stage of the nation-leading Generation Victoria (GenV) research initiative is underway, with more than 110,000 of the littlest Victorians signed up to help inform the future of healthcare.

Minister for Medical Research Ben Carroll today visited the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s Hospital to mark the next phase of the study as researchers continue Australia’s first and only study of the post-COVID generation.

While face-to-face recruitment is now complete, the families of babies born during the eligibility period – from 4 October 2021 to 3 October 2023 – are encouraged to sign up as the study moves forward.

GenV is one of the world’s largest birth and cohort studies, and asks families involved to share information about themselves and the health and development of their newborn, via surveys and the collection of samples.

The next phase of the study will see researchers build a data repository and create data linkage to be used in trials and contribute to significant advancements in Victoria’s world-leading medical research field.

The study will provide insights into the impacts of the pandemic on the new generation of Victorians, exploring answers to complex health issues such as asthma, allergies, obesity and mental illness in children, and give insights into how genetic, environmental and other factors can influence GenV’s health.

Headquartered at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute the research also includes a bank to store biological samples provided by participants, such as breast milk and saliva, for further analysis and to support other research projects that will help better inform antenatal care providers.

Of the total participants, more than one in five are from regional Victoria and more than 7,000 live in a home where a language other than English is spoken, with more than 70 different languages represented across the study.

Participating families will receive regular communication to ensure they are fully aware of the project’s progression, how data will be used, and they can opt out of the study at any time.

The Allan Labor Government has invested $30 million into GenV to support this important research – the study is also supported by the RCH, The University of Melbourne, The Paul Ramsay Foundation, and The RCH Foundation.

In a further boost for Victoria’s medical research sector, an additional $30 million in grant funding has also been allocated to other research projects drawing upon data collected by the GenV study.

For more information about GenV or to learn how to get involved retrospectively, please visit genv.org.au.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Medical Research Ben Carroll

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to truly understand the health of our littlest Victorians from day one – informing the future of Victoria’s health system to ensure it can care for them throughout their lives.”

“With participants from across Victoria, the range of insights we will gain from GenV will also help us build a better health system.”